Ketond Advanced Blend 30ct, 15ct, and 30 serving bags Ketond Ketone Supplements are all natural

The Low Glycemic Energy Solution For Sport & Life

To carb or not to carb... Carbohydrates are the single most controversial topic when it comes to the ketogenic diet. Carbohydrates provide a quick source of energy to sustain training and, when taking post training, assist in recovery - BUT they also kick you out of ketosis. Bodybuilders and athletes have held to the belief that rapid-digesting, insulin-spiking carbs such as dextrose, maltodextrin, cluster dextrin, etc. are crucial to replenish glycogen, accelerate recovery, and build lean muscle.

Research shows that these blood insulin spiking carbs aren’t all that effective when it comes to boosting protein synthesis or preventing muscle breakdown. In fact, these chronic insulin spikes come with various health risks, a tremendous energy crash, and they kick you out of ketosis.

Now there's a Keto Friendly carb source that you with the peri-workout energy you need to sustain performance, replenish glycogen and help you recover. Keto Karb, with Carb10, is the optimal carb source for keto, low carb, and anyone who is looking for an extremely low glycemic energy source to fuel training and daily activities.

KETŌND KETO KARB – The Only Keto Approved Carbohydrate

Formulated With Carb10®

Carb10 is a unique carbohydrate derived from peas that is absorbed very fast due to its tremendously low osmolality but does NOT elicit a spike in insulin, allowing your body to refuel and rebuild without the dreaded hypoglycemic crash that accompanies most other carbohydrate sources on the market. When it hits the small intestine, it’s a large molecule that takes the enzymes a while to break down. So, the flow of sugar (carb) into the blood is slower and there is almost no effect on blood sugar or insulin.

Keto Karb made with Carb10™ is a revolutionary low-glycemic carb that powers your glycogen system without disrupting blood glucose or knocking you out of ketosis! It is a source of clean, sustained energy perfectly suited to the physical demands of dedicated athletes, busy professionals, and those attentive to maintaining a healthy weight.

Ketōnd Keto Karb vs. BASIC CARBS

Blood Glucose Response

Carb-loaders have come to accept the effects of maltodextrin, but Carb10™ provides 82% lower insulin response and 27% lower blood-sugar response. With an osmolality of just 30 mOsm, it’s the choice for weight gainers seeking healthier sports nutrition.

Insulin Response

Low osmolality enables Carb10® to speed through the stomach. So, rather than causing bloating, Carb10® passes rapidly into the large intestine where it aids the gut microbiome — all without causing a spike in insulin.

Ketōnd Keto Karb Ingredients & Suggested Use

When To Take KetoKarb:

30 Minutes before working out for increased energy.

Immediately after working out for improved recovery

Consider taking 2 scoops if doing prolonged exercise regimen lasting over 2 hours

Ways To Take KetoKarb:

Stir / Shake: Mix one scoop of KetoKarb with 8-10oz of your favorite beverage. Mix well!

Blend: For a great post workout shake that helps with recovery, blend scoop of KetoKarb with any protein shake.

Mix in anything: KetoKarb is meant to be mixed with anything. Combine it with your favorite shakes, drinks, or smoothies!

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