Here's What the U.S. Office of
Naval Research Said Ketond Can Do For You

Benefits as Described in U.S. Patent #WO2014153416 A1

"Compositions and Methods for Producing Elevated and Sustained Ketosis "

Patent Granted to U.S. Navy & The University of South Florida

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KetōStax Metabolic Accelerator (KMA) contains the ingredients necessary to give your metabolism the fuel it needs to help you burn and lose excess body fat and provide a crash-free energy boost.

KMA works in harmony with Ketōnd by increasing and extending the ketone production provided Ketōnd. This will make your effort to reduce sugars and refined carbohydrates from your diet easier while accelerating your body's ability to burn excess body fat for energy.


If you’re ready to take it to the next level and work on dropping some serious body fat then all you have to do is mix one serving of KetōStax Metabolic Accelerator with Ketōnd and you have the ultimate fat loss supplement available. (See Special Price for LDS Living Readers Below)


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When you order three 30-serving paks of Ketōnd, you'll receive two 30-Serving packs of KetōStax Metabolic Accelerator—A $110 Value—for FREE—Plus FREE Shipping.

SIGNIFICANT WEIGHT LOSS: A single dose of powder mixed with water can significantly elevate blood ketone levels (ketosis) and sustain those levels for 4 hours. When in ketosis, the body burns stored body fat for fuel instead of sugar. This helps promote a significant loss of excess body fat. Two doses per day recommended.


HELPS STOP CRAVINGS & CONTROL APPETITE: Helps avoids sugar withdrawal symptoms commonly experienced by individuals significantly reducing/eliminating  refined carbohydrates (foods quickly converted to blood glucose) from their diet.


INCREASES ENERGY & ENDURANCE: Significantly increases energy and endurance levels because the body uses fat (ketones) as source of energy rather than sugar.


IMPROVES THINKING, MEMORY & EMOTIONS: When the brain uses ketones instead of glucose as the primary source of energy, cognitive and psychological health are greatly improved. Stronger memory, clearer thinking and balanced mood states. Helps alleviate symptoms of Alzheimer's disease and dementias.


LOWERS BLOOD SUGAR: Reduces blood sugar levels, insulin resistance and their diabetic effects. This allows the body's cells to metabolize fat and use ketones for energy instead of sugar thus helping to reduce excess body fat.

Ketond Directions

Each serving of Ketōnd significantly elevates your blood ketone levels and sustains these elevated levels for up to 4 hours. This state of ketosis helps you transition to burning fat instead of sugar for energy, reduces cravings for sugar during this transition and gives you a feeling of gut fullness and satisfaction reducing your cravings to binge on sweets. During this time you'll notice a surge in energy, increased endurance and better mental focus and clarity as your brain uses ketones for energy instead of sugar.


Suggested Use

Upon awakening, mid-morning, or mid-afternoon


1. Drink a full glass of water before consuming.


2. Mix 1 scoop or 1 packet of Ketōnd in 12-16 oz. of cold water and shake or stir then drink.


3. For additional benefits mix your scoop of Ketōnd with our KetōStax Metabolic Accelerator Blend—an added FREE bonus when you order more than one package of Ketōnd. (See Special Offer Below)


4. Enjoy 3-5 hours of appetite control, increased energy/endurance, and mental focus/clarity.


Pre-Exercise/Physical Activity Suggested Use:

30 minutes prior to exercise or any physical activity, mix one scoop of Ketōnd with 12-16 oz. of cold water and drink. You will notice improved endurance, strength, fat loss, energy, and so much more!

Originally Developed By the U.S. Navy to Increase Metabolism, Increase Energy, Reduce Fatigue and Sharpen Mental

Clarity of Marines Under the Stress of Battle. Now Available to You to Lose Excess Body Fat & Keep It Off For Good


Ketond Ingredients

Ketōnd uses only the highest quality all-natural ingredients as prescribed by the U.S. Navy & the University of South Florida patent. All ingredients are non-GMO, dairy-free, gluten-free, lab tested for purity and label compliance as required by the patent.

Ketond Flavors

Ketōnd comes in an assortment of seven delightful flavors. When you order you can choose from any one or more than one flavor to suit your individual taste.

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Thanks to a significant scientific breakthrough there's now a credible weight loss supplement that delivers what it promises. Each single dose of Ketōnd puts your body into a fat-burring state for up to 4 hours. With two doses per day you can finally start to lose weight and feel great. Now for the first time you can order this powerful new nutritional drink that was developed and patented by the U.S. Navy and the University of South Florida.

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