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Formulated with 11.7g of D-BHB for clinically proven results.

Ketond Advanced Blend 30ct, 15ct, and 30 serving bags Ketond Ketone Supplements are all natural

Ketōnd - The Leader in Premium Ketone Supplements

In 2016 Ketōnd was first to market with an Advanced and Affordable Ketone Blend. Each serving of our orignal blend contained and industry first 11.7g of BHB. The bar was set. Maximum Dosage. No Proprietary Blends. 100% Ingredient Transparency. Because of our approach (and the best tasting ketone supplement around) Ketōnd became a HUGE success.

Ketōnd BioMAX is the first supplement to use 11.7g of D-BHB - the all-natural ketone that is BIOLOGICALLY IDENTICAL to the ketones your body makes! Not only is Ketōnd BioMAX the first to use D-BHB BUT we have enhanced our blend with a unique blend of natural ingredients to further increase weight loss and appetite suppression.

Ketōnd Advanced Blend, Ketōnd BioMAX and Ketōnd Meal Replacement all contain patented, clinically proven ingredients to help you get into ketosis faster and enjoy the tremendous health benefits of taking ketones that researchers are just beginning to uncover. What consumers love the most about Ketōnd is that they are getting a premium supplement that contains patented and therapeutically dosed ingredients at a FRACTION OF THE PRICE.


What is D-BHB?

D-BHB is the naturally occuring, endogenously (“inside the body”) generated isomer produced through human metabolism of acetoacetate in the ketogenic process. Once D-BHB enters the blood, it does not reconvert to acetoacetate, and is metabolized rapidly making it a more readily available bioenergetic fuel source for body and brain.

The majority of BHB salts on the market today are the racemic mixture, DL-BHB, which is comprised of a 50/50 mixture of D-BHB and L-BHB stereoisomers. Ketōnd BioMAX uses only the D-BHB isomer which is biologically identical to the ketone bodies your liver makes. Some of the many benefits of D-BHB are that it is more rapidly absorbed. Ketōnd BioMAX appears faster in the blood than other keto supplements so it has the potential to provides more energy, better appetite control, and better performance.

Ketōnd BioMAX, powered by D-BHB (D-beta-hydroxybutyrate), is the only ketone supplement that delivers the strongest dosage of this carbohydrate-free high performance fuel. Anyone looking to manage their weight, or feel more energetic throughout their day will love Ketōnd.

Optimized for Maximum Weight Loss

Ketōnd BioMAX contains a stimulant-free blend of 4 powerful ingredients to help you maximize weight loss.†

Ingredients At A Glance

Solathin™ - Promotes healthy, effective weight control by increasing that “full” feeling.

Acetyl L-Carnitine - Helps your muscle mitochondria burn fat and also improves mood, learning, and memory.

L-Leucine - Helps aid in muscle protein synthesis.

L-Taurine - Helps improve exercise performance, body composition and nutrient delivery.

Ketōnd BioMAX is the perfect supplement that is proven to help you lose weight, maximize cognition, and simply help you feel more energetic. It’s perfect for busy professionals, athletes, or even on-the-go moms and dads who want to look, feel, and perform at their best. † *Individual Results May Vary. Results will vary on individual circumstances.

Ketond Vs. The Competition

Comparing The Active Ingredient listing

Beta-hydroxybutrate (BHB) Label Analysis
11.7g 11.7g   ?    ?    ? 

BHB Proprietary Blends & Under-Dosage: Ketones (BHB Salts) are really expensive, and Bioidentical Ketones (D-BHB) are even more expensive. As you search for products that contain D-BHB, you will find that companies fail to disclose how much of this ingredient is being used in their product. They tend to mask or hide the amount in a “proprietary blend” or claim that there’s a “patent-pending”. If there truly was a patent, the ingredients would be listed in the patent application. So, it is a huge red flag to all consumers when a supplement company doesn’t disclose the quantity of ingredients that are in their product.

Cost Per Serving (Lower Is Better)
$3.99 $2.66 $7.85 $6.50 $6.50

When you are buying a D-BHB or Ketone Supplement, the only thing you are really paying for is the D-BHB. It usually accounts for over 90% of the cost to manufacture a supplement. Understanding the amount of BHB and how much you're paying per serving is the best way to assess the most efficient cost breakdown. As the chart shows - Ketond Products across the board are around less than 50% the price per serving than the competition.

The Ketond Difference

How Ketond Rises Above The competition

“Ketōnd does what all the other keto supplements wishes they could. We deliver unique & powerful Ketone Blends whose ingredients aren’t hidden behind some “Proprietary Blend” effectively hiding the true dosage of BHB/Ketones. Our label is 100% Transparent. We list what is in our product and the exact amounts of what’s in there. What you see is what you get.

Ketōnd is Hands Down the Superior Ketone Supplement On the Market.

More importantly Ketōnd is NOT part of some multi-level, direct pyramid style of marketing program. This means we are able to offer our product at a FRACTION of the cost of the other guys. Go ahead and research for yourself. Multilevel companies are great for the guys in the Pyramid but not so great if you are looking for a great supplement sold at a great price.

The Ketōnd Revolution has begun. It’s time to make this amazing supplement available at a realistic price.”

Ketond BioMax Reviews

1000's of 5-Star Reviews - Here's Our Top Picks

“Ketond Biomax Aloha tastes amazing. I did keto blood test and I was bumped up a solid point and a half (my current at level 2.2). I am currently getting my body back from after my first child! I've lost 15lbs in 44 days using Ketond Biomax & doing strict macro counting keto. Thanks for making something cheaper than Pruvit! ”

Kenzi M. - San Jose, Ca

“I do not follow a strict keto diet but I do try to eat healthy. I sit all day at work and don't get much exercise and I've lost 37 lbs!!!! I eat more fish and vegetables, no added sugar and I do watch my carbs ie: breads, pasta and no junk foods only healthy snacks, such as nuts and some fruits and cheese. I drink my Ketond once a day, normally around 11:00 am and have my lunch around 1:00pm. The Ketond has helped me feel satisfied and has definitely boosted my metabolism. I feel great!!!! ”

Carol S. - Pottstown, PA

“I started my ketond journey a non believer however my mind was changed very quickly. I started off thinking that it was all just hype but when I started shedding the pounds and noticing the mental clarity my opinion changed. I am down 18 lbs and 3 inches and have more energy than I have had in a long time. I still struggle with arthritis however it is manageable now. Thank you ketond you have made me a believer. ”

Jolene T. Nova Scotia, Canada

Ketone Supplement Flavors by Ketond


For a limited time, when you purchase 2 or more bags of Ketōnd, you’ll receive 1 or more bags of your choice of Ketōstax. Ketōstax + Ketōnd contain the perfect blend of what you need to achieve your fitness & performance goals. Ketōstax retails for $55.95. Supplies Are Limted So Take Advantage of this AMAZING Offer and Get KetoStax FREE Today!


If you are looking for an added boost of KETONES, to INCREASE STRENGTH AND ENDURANCE, or the ULTIMATE METABOLIC ACCELERATOR, simply mix one or all of our Ketōstax to your glass of Ketōnd. Take Your Results to the Next Level with Ketōnd and KetōStax.
*Individual Results May Vary. Results will vary on individual circumstances.

MCTs are one of the cleanest fuel sources available for the body, supporting energy and healthy metabolism. Read More »

One serving of KetōStax MCT Powder contains 5.8g of GoMCT™. We chose to use GoMCT™ as our source for MCT because of its ability to efficiently optimize ketone production. It also contains acacia fiber, a prebiotic that aids in gut health. Together, MCT and acacia fiber optimize the gut-brain axis. Simply stir in this powder with any of the delicious Ketōnd flavors and you have an instant source of one of the cleanest fuel sources available for your body.

One serving of KetōStax MCT Powder powered by GoMCT™ contains almost 6g of this amazing energy source.

*Individual Results May Vary. Results will vary on individual circumstances.

Our Metabolic Accelerator contains the ingredients necessary to give your metabolism the fuel it needs to help you lose weight and provide a crash-free energy boost. Read More »

Like all the products in the Ketōnd lineup, KetōStax Metabolic Accelerator doesn’t cut any corners. That’s because 8 scientifically proven fat-burning ingredients AND just like the rest of our products every ingredient is listed on the supplement facts panel along with its actual dose. If you’re ready to take it to the next level and work on dropping some serious body fat then all you have to do is mix one serving of Metabolic Accelerator with Ketōnd and you have the ultimate fat loss supplement available.

*Individual Results May Vary. Results will vary on individual circumstances.

KetōStax Strength & Endurance blend was developed to contain only the most necessary, proven ingredients available. Read More »

There are no fillers or token amounts of ingredients sprinkled in this formula to increase the cost or let us bolster marketing claims like so many other supplement companies do. By combining 4 the best strength and endurance ingredients into one formula KetōStax can help you push your limits so that you can optimize your performance and reach your potential.

Our blend is perfect for busy professionals, athletes, or even on-the-go moms and dads who want to look, feel, and perform their best.

*Individual Results May Vary. Results will vary on individual circumstances.


Suggested Use:

Upon awakening, mid-morning, or mid-afternoon

Start with 1/2 Serving to assess tolerance. Mix 1/2 serving of Ketōnd BioMAX in 12 oz. of cold water and shake or stir then drink. When tolerance has been assessed, mix 1 serving of BioMAX into 12-16 oz water.

Enjoy 3-5 hours of appetite control, increased energy/endurance, and mental focus/clarity.

Pre-Workout Suggested Use:

30 minutes prior to training, mix one serving of Ketōnd with 12-16oz of water, almond milk or whatever you like. You will notice improved endurance, strength, fat loss, energy, and so much more!


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